Self-Propelled Modular Transporters

Van Adrighem has an extended range of Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) for rent. The rental of the SPMTs is simple and transparent, and our focus is on speed, efficiency and cost. As a family business with more than 50 years of industry experience, Van Adrighem can offer tailor-made advice and service to match your specific needs. Anything is possible. This also applies to the rental of our SPMTs. All the SPMTs available for rent are highly maintained and meet the highest safety standards.

About the SPMTs

The Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) can be deployed to move the heaviest cargo. A SPMT consists of modules with multiple axle lines that can be attached side-by-side and head-to-tail, to be used as one large vehicle. These modules are able to move on their own when a powerpack is attached. SPMTs have the possibility to steer the wheels 360 degrees, which makes it possible to transport cargo via difficult passages.

Manoeuvrable and flexible

Our SPMT models come into their own on narrow route sections where conventional transport solutions quickly reach their limitations. With an alignment angle of up to 60° even difficult passages can be effortlessly overcome, and heavy cargo can be transported with millimeter precision and a large degree of accuracy. The cargo can thereby reach their planned destination safely and efficiently.

Safe and tried and tested hundreds of times

The Self-Propelled Modular Transporters can be tailored to every specific situation. Therefore, the SPMTs are reliable, safe and efficient. SPMTs take the progressive development of cargo into account. They are able to accommodate even the largest loads and have proven themselves hundreds of times in practical situations for transport and easily master these situations.


Flexible and agile

Our SPMTs offer a wide range of movement options and have the possibility to steer the wheels 360 degrees. This makes it possible to transport heavy cargo via difficult passages.

Air-filled tires

With their air-filled tires the SPMTs have a lower ground bearing pressure than foam filled ones. This ensures that the working surface does not get damaged.


The SPMTs can be used as self-driven and towed modular chassis. This makes SPMTs effective for any project, due to the flexible system and attachment possibilities. They can transport almost any object under the most extreme weather conditions.

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Rent a Self-Propelled Modular Transporter at Van Adrighem. Decide which type you need and request a quote. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We offer tailor-made advice and service to match your specific needs. If the SPMT you prefer is not listed below, contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

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