Cranes for Renewable Market

Cranes for Renewable Market

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Cranes for renewable market

Renewable energy is an important energy source nowadays. However, installing and maintaining renewable energy sources is not easy, due to their location. Most often, these sources are located at places that are hard to reach, both at onshore and offshore sites. We have a very large fleet of cranes specialized and configurated to erect wind turbines and for any other task in the renewable market. These cranes, such as crawler cranes, Lattice boom truck cranes, Telescopic cranes, and tower cranes can be deployed for manufacturing, pre-assembly, installing and maintaining renewable energy sources and associated services, onshore and offshore.

Van Adrighem cranes for the renewable market

Presently, sustainable development is getting more and more important. Sustainable energy transition is one of the major challenges to make the world more sustainable. Van Adrighem Group contributes to this challenge by providing equipment to support onshore and offshore wind projects.


Our Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) can be deployed to move the heaviest cargo. A SPMT consists of modules with multiple axle lines that can be attached side-by-side and head-to-tail, to be used as one large vehicle. These modules are able to move on their own when a powerpack is attached. SPMTs have the possibility to steer the wheels 360 degrees, which makes it possible to transport cargo via difficult passages. Heavy cargo can be transported with millimeter precision and a large degree of accuracy. The cargo can thereby reach their planned destination safely and efficiently.

We also supply SPMTs in combination with the Bladelifter Attachment, which gives you the opportunity to transport wind turbine blades through any difficult corner or passage.