Van Adrighem provides professional solutions for the petrochemical sector. Many years of experience in the petrochemical industry mean Van Adrighem has the knowledge to pair the right equipment with each activity. That guarantees safety, quality and efficiency. We’ll gladly work with you on your critical components and seamlessly linked plans and activities.


More and more focus is moving towards solar energy, hydro energy and wind energy. These energy production methods, and the construction of the plants that support them, require their own equipment and a good deal of professionalism and creativity, as well. Over the years, Van Adrighem has built up experience in wind farm construction. A huge portion of our crane fleet is specifically focused on this market.
We also know to address the unique questions that come with renewable projects.


When it comes to mining, everything revolves around earthmoving and transportation. We offer a range of different machines designed for moving ores and minerals. That means large-scale earthmoving or even road building. The more efficient your logistics and construction projects, the more mines you can serve in less time.


In power plants and other factories, everything is fine tuned to maximise throughput and minimise downtime. At Van Adrighem, we well aware of that. That knowledge has helped us complete a number of unique power projects more than successfully.


A wide array of our machines and equipment are perfect for civil engineering projects.
In the last few years, we’ve been involved in plenty of crane projects that required the positioning of large, heavy compartments or soil needed to be moved to make way for concrete foundations. In projects like that, the cranes aren’t the only star of the show.
Smooth transportation and well-organised plans were crucial factors, as well.


In the offshore market, it’s important for equipment to operate safely and be ready for any kind of job. In the past, we’ve worked for a range of different offshore clients. That experience has given us the expertise to know what goes into the construction and installation of wind farms, oil rigs and other ocean and port-related projects.

Marine industries

Loading, unloading and crane operations on and around the quay demand much from equipment, constructions, platforms and machines, but from our people, too. Brainstorming with you on complex issues and finding innovative solutions is a vital component of our work, especially in this market. The projects we’ve completed over the years allow us to know where to find the right opportunities.